as you can see - you are in the German section now … side-bar and top-bar look different

open the "edit"-mode please (the "edit" should be visible under the text … somewhere at the bottom …)

you see now the liddle buttons for
bold, italic and underlined text
as well as


you can either write them or just click them …

you can lso find the "wiki syntax description" as a link under the box
or here : http://www.wikidot.com/doc:wiki-syntax

there is more fun like inserting images (copy the address of the image and insert it here instead ao "source" -> source

or tables

different things
can be
listed here

after you created such a site (first your sandbox …) you click on "save" and look what happened …

tutanhamons sandbox
keelpies sandbox

de.gif de
en.gif en
pl.gif po
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