Tutanhamons Sandbox

okay … here is how it works:

usually you write your startpage where you say "hello" and explain what this is and what can be done/found here …
(you find it on the left side in the side bar)

than you begin to place links to special sites - where you explain e.g. the arena. (on the startsite or on an index)

there you write:
sandbox2 and it will bring you to a new site called "Sandbox2"
it's not created yet and therefore gray

a special thing to make all more complicated are the different languages - for your language you have to place an "est:" (I took that for "estonian") in front of the linkname
as you can see - there is no difference - only in the edit-mode you will see that

look at the bottom of the box - there should be a "edit"
click on it :-D

okay … next step … tutorial

after the tutaorial and playing with the sandbox you should be able to build own sites, like pages of a book
just look what seems useful or important … some things will be changed by the new Gondal-staff, but the main princibles should remain as they are…

here the links to top-bar:
and side-bar

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