Since 16.06.2009 you can train your "Talents" (or proficiencies … I don't really know yet, because it's still in german …) using a button just in your profile.
Your hero can be trained along three different skill trees.

Here some short information from the programmers (freely translated by me):

  • From Level 6 to Level 31 you get a talent point each level. So there is a maximum (yet) of 26 points you can get.
  • You can only skill the talents in the second row if you already invested 5 points into the first (third and fourth similar).
  • So it is not (yet) possible to get the highest talent in two talent trees.
  • The skill boni refer to the basic skills, that means: profil - achievement boni - item boni
  • Quest talents will only be calculated, after doing the next quest. That means if you skill a talent there you have to abort the next quest first, or end it properly.

Explanations at length will be made by me, but I cannot assure you they are complete … if you have any comments and additional information, please contact me.

In my own humble opinion there are now three main ways of skilling:
(Diese Versionen sind nur Ausdrücke meiner eigenen, bescheidenen Meinung …)

1) offensive:
Hit Chance - 5 points
Critical Hit Chance - 5 points
Extra Damage - 10 points
Gaping Wound - 1 point
together 21 points … 5 left … I think one could put them in the Chance for Evasion (low level) or Strength/Endurance (high level)

2) Adventurer (less time —> main income: services/quests —> highleveller …
Quest time - 5 points
Experience - 5 points
Perception - 10 points
Negotiator - 1 point
5 points left … perhaps for regeneration (you loose life in hard quests, too …)

3) Defensive:
Chance for Evasion - 5 points
Blocking Chance - 5 points
Reflecting Damage - 5 points (to make the deadly damage)
Schieldmaster - 1 point
10 points left - more than in the other trees, so you can choose more freely … perhaps regeneration in the Adventurer's tree or strengthen the main fighting skills with Strength, Endurance and Hit Chance

Can I undo that?

Yes. Use the "undo" button - I think now the texts are only in German, so it's "rückgängig machen" (the other buttons are save - "Speichern" and reset "Zurücksetzen")

Are there costs for resetting?

Yes - the first is free, but the next resets you make will cost gold ans power crystals.
That's because you can't be an negotiator during your sleep and earn more gold in services and later fight with gaping wound or shieldmaster in the arena.

The costs are:

number of resets gold power crystals
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 900
7 1050
8 1200
9 1350
10 1500
11 5
12 6
13 6
14 7
15 7
16 8
17 8
18 9
19 9
20 10
20+ 20
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