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Hello - this is the main page of my new Wiki.
I created it to get and provide answers to most questions related to Gondal.
The original site is in German, because I'm from there.
Currently I'm translating some pages into english and hope to help some people with the cumulative knowledge of server Ferono. So if you do not find anything - try the german pages and perhaps you will find something useful (there are pictures, too ;-)

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck for the adventures of your hero.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

the following still need a translation


Links to other Fan-Projects:


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Fan-Page (german):

Status-calculator: (german)

Charactersheet (Exel-sheet … german … just klick on the download thing on the page):

Liddle town named after Gondal

Equipment … german, but with a lot of pictures!!!

Links to Gondal and forum:

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