You need to train you hero to make him a better fighter.
Therefore you have four Skills available:

Every hero tries another combination of these abilities - some seek to be more wise, some want to be stronger or faster than others, and some want to be able to withstand every hit.

The choice is yours…

My recommendation is: don't overestimate intelligence … its the worst thing to skill - so let it stagnate and use it only to save money (you cannot save all in the bank and the other skills will one day be quite expensive …

Update: Now it's possible to get additional Skills through achievements.

Try out this tool:
("Waffe"=weapon, "Atk"= attack, "str"=strength, "int"= intelligence, "dex"=dexterity, "vit"=vitality (yes - i call it endurance … if you are a native speaker please contact me and tell me which is better …) )

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