Adventures are the enyoument of ervery real hero.
You can choose between two different quests: a easy (white) one and a hard (green) respectively epic (red) one and your hero will start the adventure immediatly.
Easy adventures are just that - you win them without doing anithing to aid your fighter.
Hard quests will have an opponent - you can help your hero here with some tricks (see below) and let him attack the enemy.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing quests:


  • you get gold and sometimes power crystals as a reward (the chance for finding power crystals can be increased by training your rides in the skill perception).
  • you get experience and so you are able to achieve a higher level


  • you get experience and will achieve a higher level (for negative aspects - see: level)

Why are there white quests?

You earn less money in those quests, but you will always win.
AND you get less experience - that can be positive (see level "contra")

Hints and tricks

With every level your quest-opponents become stronger (based on level and endurance), so perhaps someday you will loose the hard quests (you do not die completely - you just don't get a reward and will need to regenerate).
What can you do now?
The reason for loosing quests is that your skills are not high enough or your endurance is too high.
To compensate that you can put down equipment with high endurance bonus or your shield.
Why the shield?
Because everytime you do a quest with a shield your opponent has a shield, too. Not the best one, but a quite good one.
With that shield he is able to defend against your deadly blows - so put down your shield and go berserk.

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