Game Instructions

The interface

In the top left corner is your character's portrait. Directly under it are two colored bars. A yellow one - showing the experience of your current level - and a red one for your health points. You also see the amount of your gold and power crystals.

Beneath that you have a manu with several items:

  • profile - shows your skills, level and equipment
  • Messages - here you can write with other players, look up your Ref_ID and watch your attackers
  • quests - here you can go on adventures
  • arena - here you fight enemies or just rob someone for gold - only the best will survive
  • honour - if you fought well you will find yourself on this list of honour
  • bank - a save place for your gold
  • services - work for gold or experience
  • merchant - buy equipment, but be careful - he is greedy for money
  • rides - here you see your current mount
  • guilds - you can set up an own guild or be invited in an established one (applications mostly take place in the forum)
  • power crystals - an old witch sells you valuable stones in exchange for real money
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