Frequently asked questions by Auresil

1. How does the game work? How do I play?

Gondal is a strategic browsergame in which you do not control a game character directly. The aim of the game is to try to reach the first position in the Place of Honour by winning battles and completing quests. Furthermore, you will have to improve your character buying new items and weapons.

2. I signed up but I cannot log in to the game/forum, since I get the following message: “this username does not exist”.

You have to sign up twice (one sign-up for the game and another one for the forum). A lot of users do not want to have the same nickname in the game and in the forum to avoid being found in the battle arena.

3. How do I get power crystals?

You can buy power crystals with real money by clicking on the menu section “power crystals”. You will also occasionally find them in the quests.

4. What are power crystals for?

- To bribe the battle arena leader, thus skipping the wait
- To switch the items the merchant offers
- To fight against guild members, when the wait time in the battle arena is still running
- To buy magical weapons and items
- To start more than 6 quests per day

5. Can I find weapons or parts of an armour in a quest?

Not yet, but it has been added to Gondal's suggestion list. In some quests, the text will indicate you that you have found an item, but it will not be added to your inventory.

6. I think I found a bug

Check first if someone had already reported it in the bug forum. If it has not been reported yet, do it! Do not forget to include your friend link (can be found in the messages menu), browser version and username.

7. What do the different colours in the quest titles mean?

Beige = normal & no opponent – Green = medium opponent – Red = difficult opponent

8. What do the different colours in the items mean?

Grey = bad – White = normal – Green = good – Orange = very good – Ourple = epic.

9. The admin/support isn't answering my message.

Please, understand that the admin/moderators get more than 50 private messages per day (and support more than 200), and they also have to administrate the forum. For all these reasons, an answer may take longer than expected.

10. Two player and just one internet connection.

If this is your case, please report it to admins or ed.ladnog|troppus#ed.ladnog|troppus , since it could lead to complications.

11. How can I cancel my account?

Please, send an e-mail to ed.ladnog|troppus#ed.ladnog|troppus including your nickname in the game, friend link (can be found under the menu option "messages")

12. Can I be attacked while running a quest or a task?

Yes, but your opponent will not be able to steal gold from that quest or task.

13. What does the following symbols mean?

gold , = experience , laurel wreath = honour , = power crystals

14. You got an inappropriate message in the game.

Please, take a screenshot and send it to ed.ladnog|troppus#ed.ladnog|troppus. Don't delete the message, and don't reply to it.

15. A player/group of players attack me constantly.

This usually happens when you carry a lot of gold with you, deposit your gold in the bank, and the attacks should lessen significantly. Another reason could be that you're too weak for your level, and provide “easy honour”. In this case, you should train up your stats and try to get better equipment.

16. Is it possible to play Gondal using a mobile phone / pocket web / etc.?

Yes and no. Gondal´s site is not compressed, which means it does not work on all mobile phone models. Also, Gondal isn't optimised for pocket web and might not work properly.

17. What kind of special abilities do mounts have?

Perception = this ability increases the chance of finding power crystals in quests. Speed = you will complete your quests faster. All improvements you make in your mount will be also applied to your next mount.

18. I cancelled a quest and got the following message: 1/6. Why?

All quests you start are part of the 6 free quests you can complete every day. If you cancel a quest, it will be deducted from your 6 free quests per day. Furthermore, if you start a quest before midnight (for example, at 23.50) and you end it the day after (for example, at 00.05), it will be subtracted from the free quests of the new day.

19. Where is the reference number / friend link?

In the section “Messages” / “News”, you will find a link containing your reference number. It's the one you use to invite friends to the game, and earn power crystals for it.

20. How can I delete a guild?

Send an e-mail to ed.ladnog|troppus#ed.ladnog|troppus, including, if possible, the e-mail address you used when you signed up the first time, your nickname in game, your friend link, the guild\´s name and the following subject "cancel guild".

23. Can I sell my account?

NO! Selling an account is completely forbidden (for more information read the terms of use). If you know that somebody is trying to sell his/her account, you should report it to Gondal support as soon as possible, or send a private message to the admins.

24. When should I write to admins/support?

- To cancel an account- To remove a guild- When another user sends you an inappropriate message- If you encounter a problem when buying power crystals- If your account has been blockedOn the subject you should clearly specify the reasons you are writing (for example, “cancel account”, “remove guild”, etc.). You also have to indicate your nickname and reference number /friend link. If you had a problem when buying power crystals include any transaction details.

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