Equipment gets more important the higher your level is - you get it from the Tradesman.
The bonus should never be higher than a third of your skills, because than you need a lot of training ;-)

Here the german pages … I suppose the numbers are the same … I don't know about the names and so on, but it could be used as an orientation.
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General things

- in lower levels (until level 11 equipment is not really important, but later it is essential)
- every 5 levels you need a new, better weapon (thats a fact - see: combat damage) so you have to save some Power crystals for that
- the rest of your equipment should be changed every 10 levels (in that time span the tradesman usually has a better one for you)

When is new equipment worth it's money?

That is one tricky thing in Gondal, but like the whole game just a liddle micro-management.
Look at the skills the item give you - e.g. a ring with + 20 strength.
You last ring has +10 strength and is you train you skill a new point will cost 175 gold.
So you get 10 strength more, that would have cost you 1975 gold with training.
The tradesman wants 1200 Gold and 3 Power Crystals from you (we estimate a crystal as 100 gold so we get 1500 gold as a result).
So the item is worth buying.

What additional factors should influence my decission?

1) Do you buy power crystals? If yes you will never have problems with them and can even afford scrolling. If not you need to save them for important things (weapons\ exchange of very old equipment) and you must have trained the perception of your mount to maximum.
2) the "worth" of the four skills is evaluated differently - most players say dexteryty is the best, then strength, then endurance and intelligence as the last one - so maybe you prefer to wait an additional level for another ring …

Links for overviewing the sortiment

These pages show an assortment of only the best available items (they are mostly in german - if you want to translate some, contact me …)

sorted by levels - here are over 700 items of all kinds and rarities stored. Just click on "Itemsuche" (=search for an item) choose a level (1,6,11,16, …) and the kind of equipment you want and finally click on "Zusammenstellen".
You will see an assortment of stuff with funny names, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the colour (white=poor, breen= good, orange= rare, purple=legendary (only for level 26 and upwards)) and the skills.
"Str" = strength "Int" = intelligence "Ges" = dexterity "Aus" = endurance
Maybe also the damage (min-dmg, max-dmg) for weapons; "Blo" = blocking for shields and the prices if available …

Have fun …

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