Dexterrity is one of the most important (experienced fighters say even THE most important) skills.
It determines your chance to hit your opponent.
There is even a liddle chance of critical hits where you do 150% damage that will increase.
(I can't tell you if it's also a factor for blocking, because there are many pros and cons in this special topic.)

Here a fight where dexterity (and/or pure luck - who knows) plays a big role:

Vixen opponent
Magieschlag 79 116
Schaden 186-255 215-300
Treffer Insgesamt 6 3
Kritische Treffer 0 0
Geblockte Angriffe 2 1
Panzerung 210 (27) 543 (94)
Lebensenergie 408 / 1287 0 / 1285

As you can see Vixen has blocked one more times and hit three more times than the opponent. Because of that she was able to defeat him, despite his greater combat damage and armour.

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