Battle arena

Here you can win gold and honour.
One can choose between a random selected number of 12 opponents. By clicking them you can take a closer look at every single one of them to calculate their power. By clicking on "arena" again you get another 12 fighters to choose.
If you have found a rich, untrained fellow you can bear his name in mind and use the liddle box below to enter the name. If you did it correctly you can attack him again (but not and even inspect him since December 2008).
(Note: currently this box doesn't work properly - it shows opponents from server Ferono)

Waiting time

The master of the arena doesn't want you to bleed to death and so you have to regenerate before entering the arena again (and wait additional 10 5 minutes).
Nevertheless you can get more gold here than while doing services if you know who will give you the money.

Fast fighting

If you buy Power crystals, you have a big advantage, because you can fight as fast as you can click.
The arena master seems to be corrupted by the crystals and so he will support you with an instant-regeneration and lets you enter the arena for another battle ("Bribe")
Why should I do this?
Because some players do not bring their gold to the bank (or invest it in skills or equipment) and therefore have a big amount of it - too big mostly ;-)
So if you can get more than whith changing Power Crystals at the bank use your gems and fight until your mouse pad and keyboard are smoking (usually one steals money to a self-set limit: I for myself don't attack again for less than 100 gold).

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