With your account you create a new hero.
It's only allowed to have one account per server. If you play with several people on the same PC or with the same IP-adress, then write an E-mail to the ed.ladnog|troppuS#ed.ladnog|troppuS (or the international Support if it is established) and tell them - they will add you to a list and you won't have problems …
Every E-mail to the support has to include: accountname, server (Thur or Ferono) and Ref_ID (you find it in "messages") (and your registration E-mail address if it differs)

If you want to delete your account you also have to write an E-mail to the support.

If you used your real name or an offensive one you can request to rename your account (again with an E-mail).

I forgot my passwort! Waaaahhhh!!

No problem - just use the liddle button on the logg-in-page and you get a new computergenerated one to the e-mail-address you used to register (can sometimes end up in the spam-folder).

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